Start from one day to the next, leave behind all that we know and that we have and start from scratch (with his brush)!



   This idea makes you want and at the same time it is scary, is not it?

This exciting and destabilizing feeling I can tell you because it is my new reality.

I am an Artist and Art-Therapist so the only thing I have not left behind are my brushes, clay and paper, my little survival kit !!! In truth not to lie to you I filled the trailer!

And I took the road with my little family (without even forgetting the cat!) To arrive in Malta and finally put luggage on the wonderful island of Gozo.


   Now it is time for me to work on my projects because the brush is itching. It is precisely at this point that we must focus on the essential. My first desire: to paint. But where, how and with whom? It is my mission of the moment to seek and find and especially without being discouraged!


   I can paint on wood, on walls, alone or accompanied. I can lead art workshops, teach what I know to groups of children, pass on my knowledge. This pedagogical and educational side I like a lot. I can also bring art to the service of a better life for the elderly or anyone with the desire or the need.


   I like art but I like to share it. This passion that inhabits me every moment pushes me simply to bring color and awaken the imagination in our lives because I am convinced of its benefits. I hope to succeed in sharing this here in Gozo and Malta.


   It is at the moment when I will begin my first artistic project and the moment when the brush will land, that I will then know how to be no more at zero in the construction of my new life but at 1. It is then more reassuring as feeling, is not it? !!!